Monday, August 16, 2010

Premarital Sex (sexo prematrimonial) "cause and effect"

                  Premarital Sex(also called fornication) is sexual intercourse in by persons who are unmarried. It is generally used in reference to individuals who are presumed not yet of marriageable age, or between adults who will presumably marry eventually, but who are engaging in sexual activity prior to marriage.

                   According to the study by the UP Population Institute,one out of four Filipinos aged 15-24 are engaging in premarital sex. This years study also says that close to 4 million youngsters are engaging in premarital sex with 30% of the respondents doing it in their own homes while 18% were doing it inside motels and hotels.

                     Is it a responsibilities of a government?
                As far as i know, yes. The Government should come up about the reasons behind this. With the help of their parents, It can be avoided. The government must plan to teach sex education for the young people to have an open-mindedness. In some countries, premarital sex can be an offense in civil laws. Sex is the most deeply held, private matter for a person and in this case is a personal choice.

            I know that some youngsters who are dealing in premarital sex do not use any kinds of "Safetiness"
like condoms for men. So I would like to say that contraceptives can be use to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Programs about contraceptives can be helpful to every oneselves. It might be useful to lessen the population growth of our country.

              Orienting every teenagers is one of the best idea to enlighten their minds. Orientation is advisable for the understanding of what drives the change in Social Norms, Behavior and what type of policies will be more  effective in improving social welfare. The consequences for public policy of these are important. So discussing about Early Pregnancy in an orientation is best. Higher fractions of women are engaging in Premarital Sex ususally bring about more teenage childbearing , even when better contraceptives are available. Similarly, The spread of sexually-transmitted diseases, such as HIV/ AIDS, is a positive function of the proportion of young adults engaging in sex.

               What might be the possible causes of premarital sex?
                for me, I know there are some reasons why they engaging in this situation like as follows:
                -Family Problems
                -Being Broken heartedness does.




                What are the effects of premarital sex?
               In many Asian cultures, premarital sex is banned to prevent unwanted pregnancy in women. The tern is not generally applied to a couple which is in a committed long-term relationship such as Cohabitation.
              On a personal level, There are many effects of premarital sex. The most common effect for the individual is Loss of Self-Respect. Depending on the sexual encounter, It can have a devastating effect on the Self-Esteem. For those who have been raped, There are feeling of worthlessness, being "dirty","damaged goods", "not good enough", etc. The questions behind these, there are diseases that can play a major factor. There are times that you or your partner has ever slept with everyone else, and it is true.
                Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes, and HIV are very real sexual diseases and souce of concern based on a researched study. When one engages in premarital sex, one risks having contact with these diseasesif one's partneris active with other partners.
              As a way to reduce Teenage Pregnancies and the prevalence of Sexually Transmitted diseases, Governments ,must have funded programs aimed at promoting abstinence or creating good "Social Norms".               

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